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Need someone to put together a marketing campaign or GO FIND professionals for you?

Bill Golden is, and is Bill Golden: a cleared talent clearinghouse and recruiting consultant. looks like a jobboard and was until 2016.

Today, functions as a clearinghouse to connect cleared professionals with career opportunities. 

? Need a Cleared Talent Consultant? Consider letting Bill Golden put together a strategy for you.

Bill founded IntelligenceCareers back in 1997 … it was called a silly 1990’s name back then: The Virtual Domain Systems Analyst – Information and Intelligence Systems Database (VDSA IISD). Bill was working on a number of DARPA information fusion programs from 1996-1999 … so there is a story that goes with the silly name.

In summer of 1999, was registered and was a jobboard from 1997-2016 and a jobs clearinghouse ever since.

Background: U.S. Army Signal Corps (1974-1975), Army Security Agency (ASA) / Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) (1975-1996). Specialty: SIGINT, Multi-Source Fusion, can mumble in several languages and makes coffee. Founded in 1997. W-2 or 1099 Recruiter since 2012.

You can find Bill giving career seminars around the Metro Washington DC area, online and is a regular at and other career fairs, as well as at events for military and/or federal transition.

You can reach Bill at

About founded 1997 as Virtual Domain Systems Analyst, took current name in 1999.

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