Advice – You, Your Resume, Your Security Clearance

DoD Contractor Resume Career Advice — You, your resume, and your security clearance.

‘Top Secret’ and ‘Top Secret SSBI’ (or some background investigation indicator) is not the same … nor do either automatically qualify you for a Top Secret SCI position.

??? Can you put TS/SCI on your resume if you have not worked in that clearance recently? Yes, you should show ‘TS/SCI’ if you have worked in a TS/SCI billet within the last 18-24 months.

WHY IMPORTANT: Not everyone is nosy and curious like I am. I will ask. … Many recruiters will ask … BUT … they will ask the resume search engine: Find me a resume with skill X and clearance ___.

Listing the wrong clearance = missed opportunities … because few want to actually read a resume and pick up the phone or email.

BTW: Would be nice if you respond when we do ask.

Bill Golden