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Hi! I’m Bill Golden

So … DoD Headhunter … that is essentially what I do.

Companies and organizations in the DoD and IC defense contracting world say ‘GO FIND’ and I do … find … Sometimes. Often. Often enough.

? U.S. Citizen with security clearance and looking to make a job switch? I’m your guy for finding your next gig. 

If I do not have your skillset on my GO FIND shopping list then I will see what else I can identify for you. 

What I Focus On Finding for Hire

U.S. Citizens with a Secret, Top Secret, active Top Secret/SCI and/or polygraph.

Skillsets: Intelligence Analysts, Acquisition (DAWIA), Budget and Cost Analysts (CDFM), Counterintelligence / HUMINT, Cyber / Information Assurance, Finance (DFAR/FAR), Data Engineers / Scientists / Visualization, IT and Systems Engineers, Linguists (DLPT/ILR, etc), Network and Telecom (C4ISR, NCA), Project and Program Management that have actual expertise in what they are responsible for managing — able to do, mentor and train! … and some other folks in the ‘who knew people were looking for ___ department’.

How I can help you / help me!

Upload Your Resume — HR and recruiting is a supply chain bureaucracy. People want to see and touch and ponder resumes. They may only spend 5-8 seconds looking at it, but it can take multiple individuals days or sometimes a few weeks to do that. Life.

If I send them your profile link then I lose credit for finding you. Life x2.

Tell Me Your Availability — Now is now. Now is not always the best time to find your next gig. It often takes employers 2-4 months to find qualified hires, after a job opens. It can take you just as long … depending upon what kind of unicorn you are. Some of the best jobs are/were available tomorrow and yesterday.

Window-shopping is OK. Looking 3-12 months in advance is OK. If I have your resume then chances are it will be OK … for you and me … =^)

Tell Me Your Requirements — Do not say anywhere unless you mean it … because Afghanistan … yes, got that!

How much would you like to be earning? Don’t be a comedian! … Knowing how much helps me know where to look and what to avoid … Got some dreams or ‘what if’ thoughts about your next job? Uncle Bill is here to help. Ask.

Tell Me Your Security Clearance — be specific. No caveats! Do not need to know caveats. … Got a polygraph? Yes, I know this can be sensitive. If it is other than a CI Polygraph, and you do not want to be specific, you can tell me one of three things and I can interpret: ‘Maryland Customer’ … ‘Virginia Customer’ … or ‘National Level’. … If from the FBI or DOJ or some non-DoD or non-IC agency: we should chat because there could be challenges.

Your Privacy — If you do not want your resume shared then just tell me. You and I can work out a summary of what you bring to the table. I will share the summary with employers. Am good at saying nothing and being crystal clear about it … =^)


Bill Golden


About Bill: Joined the military at age 17 by accident. Went to talk to a Marine recruiter … just because. Wasn’t in … Told my girlfriend. She freaked. Said she had a family friend that knew all about the military and I should talk to him. He would set me straight. She was right. Was an Army recruiter. Then she really got upset. Too late. … Got my Mom to sign the papers and went on active duty the month after graduating high school. Was a 26L, 96B, 98C, 98G K3 and then became a 982A which evolved to 352C. Was fun. Mostly fun. … Double bachelor in Government and European Studies, U of Maryland, and MPA from U of Oklahoma. I drink too much coffee.

About the Dog: The dog is real, but now passed on to heaven. Name: Ralph … Ralph was a girl. Was six months old when the photo was taken. All the other photos looked like a big puppy … except the photo that I use for marketing. Ralph was 50% Boston Terrier and 50% neighborhood. Were many choices in the neighborhood, so who knows … Not my dog. Bought the rights to use Ralph’s image back in 2004 or 2006 … Love that dog! (I have real dogs, too.) 

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