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Mission Essential is seeking Biometric professionals to provide exploitation of identity data as it relates to document and media exploitation. Exploitation of identity data includes, but not limited to biometric examination services, forensic analysis, digital personas, digital attribution, program management, reporting and exploitation management.


The National Media Exploitation Center is responsible for the exploitation if documents and media, which may contain identity, attributed data that can directly or indirectly help identify persons of interest to the Intelligence Community or Law Enforcement Communities, including known or suspected terrorists and National Security Threats.



·        Conducts analytic production on modalities to include, but not limited to, facial recognition and behaviors for the purposes of identifying persons and networks.

·        Fuse identity attributes to include, but not limited to, biographical, biological, behavioral, contextual and reputational information related to individuals and intelligence associated with those attributes to identify and assess threat individuals and networks, their capabilities and capacity, centers of gravity, objectives, intent, and potential courses of action.

·        The Biometrics/I2 analysts shall perform biometric examination services and produce reporting in accordance with agency guidance. Additionally, the Biometrics/I2 analysts shall conduct thorough identity exploitations of media devices and routinely interact with interagency partners on exploitation findings.

·        Conduct identity exploitation of media devices, to include detecting, extracting, adjudicating and preparing identity data- primarily face images, for the purpose of identity construction and digital identity resolution exploitation.

·        Perform biometric operations, to include but not limited to facial recognition (1:N) and facial identification (1:1).

·        Provide input for meetings and briefings as required. Shall be prepared to brief team activities, exploitation findings, and highlights as required.

·        Shall follow exploitation procedures outlines with established NMEC/DOMEX policies, standards and guidelines, to include security classification guidelines.

·        Maintain continuity with partner organizations through attendance at working groups, exchange of electronic communications, and through conference attendances as approved by the customer.

·        Maintain a thorough understanding of advancements in identity intelligence tradecraft. To include best of breed technology for biometric examination and persona development, and Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWIG)/ National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publications.

·        Establish and enforce quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensure the execution of biometrically sound operations. This will include performing a functional review of work competed at each level for those individuals performing facial recognition (1:N) and facial identification (1:1) operations. Will perform a root cause analysis for any errors identified within the process and develop steps to mitigate potential future errors.

·        Shall establish a mechanism for individual and program review on a scheduled basis to ensure continued proficiency related to biometric tasks.

·        Shall support the development of digital personas, through forensic analysis, based upon the footprint they leave within NMEC holdings – for example, identifying biometric and/or identity data and associating it with biographic data found either within NMEC holdings, or within national databases to build a comprehensive profile.

·        Shall write and submit detailed technical reporting on assigned collections, digital forensic media, or multimedia files. These repots shall include findings, assessments, methodologies, and explanations of results. Reports shall be prepared in accordance with NMEC policy, guidelines and directives.

·        Shall write and maintain a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document focused on identity exploitation to describe the workflow process and methodology to be used when assigned a collection, digital forensic media, or multimedia file. SOPs shall be updated at the end of each fiscal year and reviewed bi-annually

·        Shall implement a quality control process to ensure writing, content, and format is accurate and sound so that minimal changes and corrections are needed prior to government review and acceptance. 

·        Shall work with the government to establish and/or enhance formats for the short-term analysis, long-term analysis or emergent analysis, target analysis, and other product types.

·        Disseminate exploitation findings in accordance with NMEC guidelines to customers via direct email, hardcopy (in some special cases only), and via established government provided workflow tools.


Minimum Requirements:

·        Demonstrate knowledge, expertise and training in image comparison, facial recognition or facial identification.

·        Possesses experience demonstrating a thorough a thorough understanding of tools/systems used for identity exploitation of biometric identity attributes and I2 tradecraft, to include biometric and biographic persona development.

·        Minimum 12 years of experience related to the specific labor category with at least a portion of the experience within the last 2 years. At least 5 years of total experience must be in Biometric Examination Services.

·        Master’s Degree in an area related to the labor category; or a Bachelor’s degree realated to the labor category AND an additionally 5 years of related senior experience, for a total of 17 years, as a substitute to the Master’s Degree. However, at least 12 years of experience conducting analysis relevant to the specific labor category of with a total of six (6) years of those with experience in the IC Biometric Examination Services or at least six (6) of those years with experience in Law Enforcement Biometric Examination Services may be substituted for the degree requirement.


Highly Desired:

· Knowledge and expertise in photography concepts, basic image science to include multi-media file specifications/formats/processing

· Experience demonstrating an understanding of computer forensics principles, files systems, and forensic tools.


JBMissionEssential // An Equal Opportunity Employer

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