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Security Clearances and finding open doors. Many employers WOULD help you get a clearance if they could ... but there are rules for that ... How to find Open Doors and Get a Security Clearance ... Bill Golden,

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No security clearance?

Applying to Top Secret jobs will just make you crazy … although you could get lucky.

Your best bet is to go after Public Trust and Secret jobs. 

Technically an employer needs to hire someone already having those qualifications … but often they can help a HIGHLY QUALIFIED candidate get a clearance if they have all the skills needed.

Door Opener Jobs You Can Find on

>> Use the Search Code on our Job Search Page to find these jobs! is a good place to find jobs like this in areas with large federal and military workforce populations — you will need to use Indeed’s advanced search and tell the Indeed search engine to ignore certain keywords.

Tip on finding these jobs on Indeed:  filter out those bedeviling words that keep showing you all the jobs that you DO NOT want to see. 

Public Trust Jobs on Indeed

Find ‘Public Trust’ and ‘Secret’ jobs but NOT ‘Top Secret’ on Indeed:

EXAMPLE #1: Search PUBLIC TRUST jobs in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

EXAMPLE #2: Search SECRET jobs in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

— You may find some unusual opportunities, too … such as jobs have a special secret sauce … but having a secret security clearance has no relevance to the job itself.

Looking for a security clearance cleared job? Share your resume to me at THIS LINK and I will see what match I can find. Security clearance required for me to help in your job search.

Bill Golden
Senior Recruiter

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