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Warning Red Flags Career Danger

Changing Jobs with Interim Clearance? OMG! Red Flags Alert! about changing jobs while your security clearance is in interim status? Or has an employer submitted your paperwork for a clearance but things are still in process? ? Are you at risk of Loss of Jurisdiction? Below is a video by a respected Security Clearance Legal Advisor Annie Stellato that plainly explains what Loss

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Career Planning

Bill Golden’s Top 10 Hot Jobs – DoDHeadHunter

Mission: Enable connection of Jobseekers and Employers. Connection begins with sharing your resume with me or connecting via a specific job — see below. Bill Golden 10 Jobs Looking For Immediate Hires Will be glad to send you a job description. Just let me know which position(s) you are interested in: Bill Golden +++ Full Spectrum GEOINT Support

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Job Application Careers

Resumes for Defense Employers – Recommended Format

Defense Industry recruiters prefer chronological resumes. Sure, there are various kinds of resumes for various kinds of jobs, and situations. It is easy to get differing advice on format and style. That advice is not necessarily wrong. It usually represents the industry focus of the presenter. DoD and the IC recruits for specialist: What, When

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Artificial Intelligence, Thought, Machine Language

Intelligence Careers and Master Degrees

QUESTION: Am considering a master degree in Security Studies or Intelligence. Will that open doors for me? ANSWER: Maybe. Probably not. I do not recommend pursuing either degree, unless you already have a security clearance and are employed within the world of intelligence on the government side of the house. These degrees are great for expanding your

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Law Enforcement Intelligence and Courts

Law Enforcement and Intelligence = Career?

IALEIA – International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts IALEIA is the largest professional organization in the world representing law enforcement analysts. It is based in the United States, and is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 corporation. Purpose The purpose of IALEIA is to advance high standards of professionalism in law enforcement intelligence analysis at the

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