Privacy Policy

Your resume is your information.

Let us know whenever you want changes as to how it is handled.

Your Information

Your resume information is normally shared only with recruiters and program management staff of organizations that support the U.S. Government and are listed in the SAMS federal contractor database.

An exception is made for staffing firms known to support SAMS contractors to the U.S. Government. We require that they provide proof of business and user identity. We also require they affirm that the individual handling your information is a U.S. citizen or corporate employee if a Green Card holder.

A corporate user of our system will have access to your contact data UNLESS you ask us to provide anonymity.

Aside from approved recruiters as described above, your information is not sold, rented, leased or shared with other third parties.


Changes to Your Resume Information

Your CV and Resume information is presented to recruiters as a simple txt file — formatting will be lost when converting your resume from Word or PDF or some other format.

Identifying information within your resume is removed. This includes resumes written in the third person. Instead of ‘Bill Golden achieved’, a recruiter will see ‘Achieved … Implemented … Wrote … Awarded …, etc.’

References and publications are removed, and specific references to employers or programs may be deleted if believed to be in the best interest of protecting your privacy.

Want to know what an employer sees when they view your resume? Just ask! We will send a copy of your online resume to the email address listed on the resume. Just drop us a note at


Newsletters and Contact Updates

You will receive email notifications of upcoming hiring events or special opportunities that we believe relevant to you. You can opt out of this by selecting the unsubscribe link within the email. An alternative method to stop receiving emails is to just drop us a note at


Information Retention

Your resume and information about you is retained indefinitely by Most cleared professionals change employers every two to five years. Unique employment opportunities arise and we want to be able to find you.

Perhaps 99% of cleared professionals are employed at any time. Essentially all resumes are passive resumes.

You can be deleted from our system at any time by sending a message to


Want to be Forgotten?

Ask that will delete your resume and any reference to you in our database and we will! We will maintain just a simple note in our records that you asked for this. Just drop us a note at


About is a Virginia corporation continuously registered with Virginia since 1999.

Founded by Bill Golden in 1997 as the Virtual Domain Systems Analyst — Information and Intelligence Skills Database (VDSA IISD).


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