Resumes for Defense Employers – Recommended Format

There are various kinds of resumes for various kinds of jobs. It is easy to get differing advice on format and style. That advice is not necessarily wrong. It usually represents the industry focus of the presenter. Our industry: Defense and Intelligence (ISR). When in doubt, ask: what format would you like my resume to … Read more

Resume Cover Letters – Waste of Time?

Question:  Are cover letters worth your time adding to a resume? Answer: When submitting a resume online, the answer is NO. Almost always no. Your resume will usually be parsed into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which extracts keywords and keyphrases associated with your background, training and experience. Everything an employer needs to know about … Read more

Put expired Security Clearance on Resume?

Question: Should expired security clearances be listed on resumes? Answer: If you are applying for a position with a defense industry or government employer: Yes. Having had a previous security clearance and successful background investigation indicates that you should be able to do it again. Listing a clearance also indicates the level of trust placed … Read more