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Advice for Cleared Professionals

  • Insert the word 'junior' or 'senior' to find more relevant salaries. Example: Junior Network Administrator.

  • If you are mid-level then just enter your skillset, such as Network Administrator.

  • Security Clearance?
    -- Secret: the salaries are probably accurate as displayed.
    -- Top Secret: Is your skillset fairly rare where the job is located? If yes then add 10-15% to the displayed value.
    -- Full or Lifestyle Polygraph: If you have one of these polygraphs then your value could be worth as much as 15-25 percent more than the displayed value -- BUT not always. If you are an intelligence or subject matter expert then your value depends upon answering the following question: is there someone else like you in the area that could also fill this position? If yes, the your value is probably 10-15% over the displayed value. If you are truly a rarity then your value could be 15-25% more than the displayed value. There is generally no value added for having a counterintelligence or PSP polygraph.

  • Got More Clearance than required? If you have a security clearance higher than the job requires then it does not usually add any extra value than normal for the required clearance.

  • Intelligence Professionals (non-Counter Intelligence): if you are in an area where there are few others like you then you should search salaries as if you were a Senior Professional Service Consultant.

  • Counter Intelligence Professionals: Recommend that you consider searching for Risk Management Manager, as well as Senior Professional Service Consultant. The two values are close in some markets and not in others. Being good at what you do, you should talk your way into whichever category seems to offer more! Your skillsets cut both ways so go for it.