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Resumes for Defense Employers – Recommended Format

Defense Industry recruiters prefer chronological resumes. Answer the question: I am a Junior, Mid-level or Senior ______, with strong skills in ___, ___, and ___. Our industry: Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance  (ISR) services. When in doubt, ask: what format would you like my resume to be in? A style … Read more

Linguist Categories I, II, III – What’s That?

Linguist jobs are often advertised by their category level: CAT I, II, III. CATEGORY I LINGUIST May/may not be a US Citizen. Will not have access to sensitive information. Must have two-way language skills in both the target language and English. CATEGORY II LINGUIST CAT II linguists must have strong proficiency in the target language … Read more

Average Incomes by State – What is the Reality?

Income and Salaries / Good story but the numbers do not apply to a great many citizens in the states discussed. Numbers without context are misleading, and be grossly so.   SALARIES and ‘averages’ have little relationship. What is the median income vice mean (average). That is closer to reality … but still is not … Read more